Renewable Challenges

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Wave Power project supply

Renewable Challenges

Key Facts

Client: Wave Power Manufacturer
Scope: Heavy Plate Profiles
Activities: Project Management and Profiling
Outcome: Repeat business


Murray Energy were awarded a contract to supply some heavy gauge plate to a pioneering wave generation business.  The plate was of non standard grade and thickness and would form a critical aspect of the wave power generation structure.  Further more the fabrication schedule was behind due to re-design and they were looking for product from stock.


Due to the specific chemical restrictions and non standard grade of product, it was not going to be possible to supply from stock. Using Murray Energy's extensive mill supply partner network, capacity was booked, project specifications agreed and materials were rolled on a fast track basis to order and then shipped to Murray Energy's plate processing site, Forth Steel in Edinburgh.

In order to further reduce project delivery time, Murray Energy offered the additional steel plate profiling service that offers 24/7 capability. The client's DXF files were uploaded, scaled and programmed for processing on Forth Steel's state of the art oxy-gas cutting system.  The finished profiles were subject to stringent final inspection prior to despatch to the client.


The client was delighted with the quality of the final product supplied and meeting their time , cost quality objectives. Further business was obtained as direct result of the successful project supply.