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March 18 2022
Project Management for Offshore Wind

Wind energy is perhaps the first alternative source of energy to that of the conventional coal or oil and gas sources that most people think of when considering renewable energy. This perhaps reflects the fact that wind power is no longer considered to be in its infancy as an environmental and sustainable energy supply and in fact in many quarters this is now considered to be the main alternative to conventional sources, as a well-developed and proven technology.

Key to the development of these technologies is the understanding and application of steel grades deemed “fit for purpose”. There are many lessons that can be learnt from the development of offshore oil and gas structures with regards material integrity and application regardless of the final structural design and Murray Energy invest time and resources to ensure we remain the steel supplier of choice to the renewable energy markets.

Murray Energy have an established track record of supplying steel products and associated accessories for the offshore wind market long before the industry became mainstream.  Knowledge sharing with our clients and suppliers alike, Murray Energy has developed techniques that improve efficiency without compromise on the quality of our products and services.  Whether it’s primary steel seamless or welded tubular or full plate supply, secondary steel profile shape components or tertiary steel merchant bar and hollow section, Murray Energy offer an experienced project supply chain capable of delivering results for the most demanding projects. 

Murray Energy’s project management can benefit your organisation

Murray Energy’s attention to detail, experience and quality management processes combine to offer an exceptional project management service from point of award, pre-production meetings and material handling right the way through to submission of vendor data books and project close out. Please contact to discuss how we can support your project requirements here.