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Steel Profiling and Additional Services

Steel Profiling

Forth Steel is at the cutting edge of profiling carbon steel plate, to offer complex parts to tight tolerances ready for assembly, on-time and with clear delivery notes and certification package.  Our modern machines can produce weld preparations and drilled holes, which helps our customers maximise their capacity and concentrate on their most profitable core processes. 



Our modern high definition plasma cutting machines can handle plates up to 18,000 x 3,000 x 30mm, and produce exceptionally accurate profiles, with good edge squareness.  Precision Hole Technology allows accurate cutting of internal holes, suitable for bolting as per execution classes 1 & 2.



We are leaders in CNC gas cutting skills, with the capability to handle plates up to 22,000 x 4,000mm, and supply thicknesses up to 700mm.  We produce dressed parts to tight tolerances and excellent edge finish, in terms of squareness and smoothness, to minimise preparation before the next process.



Forth Steel can CNC bevel as we cut profiles, from 6 – 80mm thick, at angles up to 50 degrees from the vertical.  This process is fast and allows our customers to begin welding soon after the parts arrive, it often saves the need for machining operations and helps reduce grinding operations associated with fabrication.



Our drilling facilities up to Execution Class 4, use modern carbide drilling technology for the fast manufacture of drilled profiles for base plates, bridge beams, connection plates, etc.  We can drill 10 – 50mm Dia holes in plates up to 12,000mm long, and offer countersinking as required.



Rolling 1

We provide a wide range of additional services to support your project, from inspection and testing to rolling and pressing, machining and shotblasting and priming.  We can save you money by reducing the project management required, and inspection and transport costs.