Project Management

Project management is a vital function for managing construction projects and their associated risks. Murray Energy’s project management teams, react quickly at point of project award, to identify individual work packages, that when taken together form a detailed work breakdown structure in other words an ordered description of the work that must be completed. Responsibilities are then assigned to Murray Energy’s commercial, technical or operational professionals, who diligently carry out the work on each individual work package. They function effectively in our proven organisational breakdown structure to safely achieve project objectives on time, within cost limits and to the specified standards of quality.

Murray Energy’s experienced teams routinely manage projects from single product supply right through to complex, multifaceted material packages shipped globally. Murray Energy also provide third party, quality assured additional in house material processing and offer testing services to complement supply.

Murray Energy’s attention to detail, experience and quality management processes combine to offer an exceptional project management service from point of award, pre-production meetings and material handling right the way through to submission of vendor data books and project close out.